Send A Postcard from the Future

A showroom event in the Archive of the Future
July – September 2020

Imagine a panorama shot of the marketplace a year or two down the road. What will the view be like when the Archive of the Future is finished? We sent some of our showroom visitors to the other side of tomorrow to give them a sneak preview. And to have them send postcards back from the future, to their loved ones in 2020.
But how did we bend and alter time? Our ingenious photo box took portraits of visitors in the showroom standing on the marketplace, in front of the Archive of the Future in the year 2021. From there they could send their photo as a virtual postcard, back to friends and family.
How does it work? An AI algorithm unhinges the portraits from today’s reality, automatically warping them into a virtual view of the marketplace in the future. Take a look at our gallery of futurenauts who took the daring and lively leap beyond tomorrow: