Taste the Future!

Lichtenfels is changing. And this has much to do with recent developments in 3D printing. How does it work exactly, and what is 3D printing really capable of? On 12 October 2019, the Archive of the Future invited specialists to demonstrate what is daringly possible in the food sector today.

A striking variety of tiny indulgences were printed for us in the showroom. And of course not a nibble went to waste. Chocolate wasn’t the only 3D delicacy featured on the menu either. Exciting new developments have broadened the scope of printable foodstuffs. BluRhapsody – a young start-up from Italy – has elevated pasta printing to a state of near perfection, producing stunning tailor-made 3D printed works. We were sent a curated selection, and Munich food stylist Sven Christ fashioned them into a delicate array of irresistible antipasti.

The 3D food event was perfectly paired with a local wine tasting. Millennial vintner Florian Engelmann is taking his family's vineyard and winery into the future with 21st century savvy. He presented his wines, generously sharing his knowledge and insight.

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