The future is now

What is the Archive of the Future and how might it contribute to shaping the future of Lichtenfels? These questions were the subject of a workshop with Team 2038, which curated the German Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice.

In response to these questions, many ideas and suggestions were provided by participants and members of the audience
Some of them are presented here.

The Archive of the Future can become a place where "speculation" is encouraged. A sort of learning space where people from here and elsewhere can come together to think about and negotiate possible futures based on a variety of everyday issues. A place where positions from the outside meet local reality. In this way an understanding of what the future can be opens up and changes for both sides.

Ludwig Engel, futurologist and urban researcher

This building is spectacular and will attract people to Lichtenfels. It will also inspire local residents, which is why it's so important that room be made for people's involvement. Since change must come from below, I especially hope that young people will be inspired and say: I want to be part of that!"

Mathias Söllner, City Councilor, 3rd Mayor of Lichtenfels

So many questions: Many people ask: How does this concern us? It's interesting though that issues in the big city tend to reflect our own. We have the same problems here and we can be inspired by different approaches to solving them.

Britta Beier, Lichtenfels resident

My hope is for young people to also be heard – for instance the Archive of the Future will hopefully connect with schools and universities to promote ideas and projects iniated by students.

Hannah Mehl, student

Contemporary, mostly unplanned transformations, are creating growing uncertainty about the future, which is why thinking collectively about technological innovations, climate related issues and generational justice is becoming more of a challenge and more important. Used as a space for learning and experimentation, the Archive of the Future can contribute to the development of desirable futures for Lichtenfels, which ideally would be put into practice here and now!

Saskia Hebert, architect and urban researcher, Subsolar

We are as much citizens of Lichtenfels as is the audience we want to open our spaces for. We can inspire, network and offer people room. In doing so, we can only suggest change, not force it - just like any other member of the community. As far as we’re concerned, it's about working together with the city and other potential contributors to create a good future for Lichtenfels.

Stefan Mehl, builder and managing director R+G Beteiligung-GmbH

The exciting thing about the Archive of the Future is that even now the space is having an impact. People expect something special. The Archive of the Future will be an individual experience for everyone, one that has the power to move people. So go for it and get involved.

Andreas Summ, FLAD & FLAD Communication

The Archive of the Future can become a model: how might we negotiate or translate the notion of future using diverse formats and altered proportions. Global issues that will likely determine our coexistence are going to establish the thematic framework for this. Radical ideas and positions – between art, technology and science – can awaken visitors' curiosity and provide fresh motivation for dealing with global topics from a local perspective. As a model, it can become a catalyst for local transformation and innovation.

Olaf Grawert, architect, lead curator of Team 2038 for the German Pavilion at the 2021 Architecture Biennale.

It would be great if something were to develop in this place that would make architecture a symbol in terms of content as well. Similar to a traditional village gathering place, citizens and visitors, thinkers and doers have the opportunity to come together in this modern willow grove to exchange ideas and talk about the future.

Yvonne Bauer, Herburg Weiland, Agency for Design and Communication

We’ve been dealing intensively with the realization of this building. In conversation it quickly became clear just how important it is to develop the right concept so this building can brim with life in a sustainable way, and make a positive difference for Lichtenfels.

Ulrich Pape, Peter Haimerl Architectureé

From across the world to Lichtenfels and back: the Archive of the Future will always provide new impulses for the city. And the people of Lichtenfels will use it to create the programs that suit them. This will have an impact on the region.

Barbara Huthmacher, FLAD & FLAD Communication