They enliven the Archive of the Future with visionary concepts, striking ideas and keen technological instincts. An introduction to the protagonists of previous events.

“Communication is a vital key to innovation.”

Anneke von Holst, architect and Baukultur educational facilitator at super cetera in Berlin, moderated the talk IS THERE STILL HOPE FOR THE COUNTRY?

“Nothing merely is – says the wise man. You let it emerge…”

Enrica Ferrucci, architect and Baukultur educational facilitator from Munich, conducted two ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOPS in the showroom.

“Only designers can truly convince others of new ideas.”

Prof. Friedrich von Borries, architect and professor for design theory at the HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg, read from his recent book CITY OF THE FUTURE.

“Virtual Reality is a step forward when designing cities.”

Ana Moreira Bento from Studio 1825 in Lisbon, Portugal, programmed the virtual reality time-warp software for the SHOWROOM VR–STATION

“The future is being made in cityland. Cooperation is the key.”

Kerstin Faber, designer, urbanist and author from Berlin, was a panel participant in the talk IS THERE STILL HOPE FOR THE COUNTRY?

“Continuously reinventing yourself is the model for the future.”

Lola Randl, film artist, author, sociologist, farmer and utopian in the Uckermark, was a panel participant in the talk IS THERE STILL HOPE FOR THE COUNTRY?

“The future is forged from the past. And archives are interfaces.”

Markus Häggberg, author and journalist from Lichtenfels, was a panel participant in the talk IS THERE STILL HOPE FOR THE COUNTRY?

“When design and technology merge, new possibilities are unleashed.”

Korbinian Lenzer and Maximilian Heitsch from Moby Digg Design Studio in Munich programmed the art installation SECOND NATURE.

“Innovation is truly good, when it makes our future more humane.”

Raphael Kurig, video artist at Indivisualist in Munich, programmed the game SIDE2SIDE.

“Courage and imagination will carry handcraft into the future.”

Yoko Harth, a student at the School for Wickerwork Design—Lichtenfels, was part of the team of contributing designers for the event CRAFT & FUTURE.

“Artificial intelligence combined with photography... that opens up surprising glimpses into the future.”

Julian Donhauser, programmer at Fotobox Team, Nuremberg, completed the coding for SEND A POSTCARD FROM THE FUTURE

“3D Food Printing will bring food into a new dimension.”

Jana Dröge, food technologist in the Procusini 3D Food Printing team, performed at TASTE THE FUTURE!

“Crises are catalysts for change.”

Katharina Neumann is a writer at Bureau N in Berlin and was an editor for the online project BEYOND CRISIS – FUTURE FORWARD.